Read Clever Little Book FREE on Kindle for the next 5 Days!!!!!

11 Jan

Read Clever Little Book FREE on Kindle for the next 5 Days!!!!!

Great News! For the next 5 days you can read Clever Little Book absolutely FREE on Kindle! It’s a promotion I’m running, for 5 days ONLY. Don’t have a Kindle? No Problem. Just click on this link and download the FREE app that will allow you to read Kindle books! Enjoy! #TeamCleverLittleBook!



6 Jan

I really APPRECIATE my readers who take the time to let me know how much they are enjoying Clever Little Book. THANK you! It really encourages me to keep working on my dream!


Look who’s reading Clever Little Book!

4 Jan

Awwww! One of my readers sent me this sweet message! We’re off to a GREAT New Year!!!! Living in the direction of my dream!!!! #TeamCleverLittleBook!

Greatest Books of all times

19 Dec


TeamLegalShield!!!!! Who Knew?!

19 Dec

Wow CLBF, a Friend of mine introduced me to a business opportunity called Legal Shield, and although I agreed it was a service that made sense to me, I didn’t think I had time to be an associate. Well yesterday I decided to go for it and went out talking to people about it. I made my first few commissions on my first day!!! My brother Marquis Williams said it’s because I’m good at walking up to people talking to them anyway. Hahahah! I don’t know but. I just felt comfortable talking about something that I actually use myself. I just want you to know if someone has tried to introduce you to Legal Shield it is a REAL work from home business tested by Yours TRULY!!!! Letting my first 3 books continue to do what they do. Clever Little Book 4 on PAUSE! Full Speed Ahead with #TeamLegalShield4TheNewYear!!!!! So excited about my first few commissions I can’t even sleep!!!! It’s 1:49am, what’s YOUR New Year looking like? MINE is looking UP!!!!! Can’t wait to go out tomorrow!!!!

Instructor’s Guide In Progress…

15 Dec

“As we marry the ones we love, we mustn’t forget to love the one we married.” ~ Excerpted from “Whoso findeth a wife…has NO idea what he’s just gotten himself into, and vice versa.”

The Instructor’s Guide by Elaina Davis. Another Clever Little Book brought to you by GrandBelle Publishing LLC. in progress over here…it’s coming along steadily. “Line upon line, and precept upon precept…”

Starting the New Year TODAY!!!!

9 Dec

234am, back up writing. Gotta capture it while it’s coming to me. For me it’s gonna be full Speed Ahead in the coming New Year. Living in the direction of my DREAM!!!!! It’s all coming together nicely! #TeamCleverLittleBook!Image