The Verdict is IN! #TeamCleverLittleBook!

17 Jan

The Verdict is IN!  #TeamCleverLittleBook!

Smiling SO hard over here CLBF! I submit my manuscript to different book clubs for review so that I can gauge the overall reader response. Just got this message from! NICE! #TeamCleverLittleBook!

Clever Little Book by Elaina Davis
This review request is live. Check back for updates on the status of this review.

Current status: The review of your book is complete! This book was rated 4 out of 4. The reviewer has finished writing the review and submitted it. The editor simply needs to do some final touches and publish it publicly, which usually happens within a week of the last status update for paid or advertised review requests and within a few weeks for free review requests.Congratulations on your good review. Please understand the wait time for the editors to carefully vet reviews is to allow us to maintain high quality and integrity in the system so your good review from us can really mean something. We appreciate your patience. Status last updated: Fri Jan 17th, 2014, 11:59am EST.


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