This Kindle Fire HD has YOUR Name on it!

16 Jan

This Kindle Fire HD has YOUR Name on it!

CLBF, I NEED your help! After doing some research I found out how Amazon determines Best Seller ranking. Clever Little Book needs about 100 sales WITH reviews, in the SAME month. It CAN’T be sporadic like it has been. It needs to be in a RAPID succession. So I NEED my CLBF to help me by purchasing Clever Little Book and ALL reviewing it at the SAME time.

Now to help YOU help ME (sounding like Jerry McGuire), I’ve lowered the price of the Kindle version of Clever Little Book to only 0.99. It’s not about money for me at this point. I REALLY want that Bestseller ranking and THIS is how they determine it. For those who don’t own a Kindle, you can download the FREE app from Amazon that will allow you to read any Kindle book. Now for the GOOD part! On January 31st I’m gonna print out all the reviews , seperate’m and shake’m up in a bag(on video which I will post for all to see). If YOUR review is picked from the bag YOU will win THIS Brand New Kindle Fire HD e-reader!!!

THANKS in advance, to everyone who’s gonna help me by purchasing and REVIEWING the KINDLE version of Clever Little Book on amazon between now and January 31st ! For those who don’t have the extra .99 to spend on an AMAZING book full of encouragement and inspiration, you can STILL help me by sharing this post to your page.

Somebody’s gonna win this Kindle Fire HD just in time for Valentines Day!!!! It could be YOU!!!! #TeamCleverLittleBook!


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