TeamLegalShield!!!!! Who Knew?!

19 Dec

Wow CLBF, a Friend of mine introduced me to a business opportunity called Legal Shield, and although I agreed it was a service that made sense to me, I didn’t think I had time to be an associate. Well yesterday I decided to go for it and went out talking to people about it. I made my first few commissions on my first day!!! My brother Marquis Williams said it’s because I’m good at walking up to people talking to them anyway. Hahahah! I don’t know but. I just felt comfortable talking about something that I actually use myself. I just want you to know if someone has tried to introduce you to Legal Shield it is a REAL work from home business tested by Yours TRULY!!!! Letting my first 3 books continue to do what they do. Clever Little Book 4 on PAUSE! Full Speed Ahead with #TeamLegalShield4TheNewYear!!!!! So excited about my first few commissions I can’t even sleep!!!! It’s 1:49am, what’s YOUR New Year looking like? MINE is looking UP!!!!! Can’t wait to go out tomorrow!!!!


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