Clever Little Book Instructor’s Guide in progress…

25 Sep

2. The author begins the prologue by asking this question, “Why has my love AGAIN left my bosom?” From the word AGAIN, we can safely assume that this is NOT the first time this individual has been lured away. The ask-er then answers her OWN question stating, “Captivated by the Siren’s SONG, I suppose.” This lets us know that not only is this an ONGOING issue, but that the complainant is very much AWARE of where the assailant has gone. And also that, it’s not so much the SIREN that has captivated the assailant, but her SONG? 

Let me explain that. Has anyone of you ever been cheating on your spouse or significant other, with someone you thought was SO captivating? But then as SOON as you got caught, you no longer wanted to see them, and you actually wished they would just disappear? 

*** The author offers this word of CAUTION. “If your spouse or significant other is seated next to you. Or if there is someone in the room who knows them, DON’T answer that. Just keep looking straight ahead and let someone else answer.”****

That is because, it wasn’t so much the PERSON that captivated you as it was the THRILL of it. The SECRET pleasure. All the ducking and hiding…the SONG. Had it been the INDIVIDUAL that so captivated you, THEY would be your spouse or significant other. Has anyone of you ever been in a situation like this?

Clever Little Book Instructor’s Guide in progress…


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