Clever Little Book Instructor’s Guide in progress…

24 Sep

In Chapter 4, we were introduced to a character named “Bob” who contemplated suicide. In his lifetime, Bob endured one misfortune after another. No one truly knows why we sometimes suffer the tragic events that we do. But we can be sure that even those things we would rather have not happened to us, will be worked together somehow for our good. The Bible says it this way at Romans 8:29 :

“And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose.”

Ask: Like Bob, has anyone here ever contemplated suicide? Have you ever found yourself feeling like the cares of life were such that the only relief you could find would be to take your life and end it all? (take a few comments)

Read: The author wants you to know that tormenting spirits are responsible for those feelings and that they must be dealt with just as any other evil spirit. They must be bound in Jesus’ Name and cast out of your mind and to some other place. Only then can their strongholds in your life be torn down. The Bible gives clues as to why this type of spiritual warfare is necessary. Let us refer now to Mark 3:27. It says:

“No man can enter into a strongman’s house, and spoil his goods, except he will first BIND the strong man; and then he will spoil his house.”

More simply put, let us consider this scenario. If strangers came into your home, announced that they were moving in, and then started laying claim to each room. Throwing out your furniture and any items that they didn’t particularly like. Then bringing in their own things, how would you react? (let them answer)

I imagine that all of you here, including the most timid among you, would put up such a fight that the only way they could accomplish this would be to first tie you up or BIND you. Now flip that scenario.

We can view thoughts of suicide the same way. They are nothing more than tormenting spirits, having moved into the rooms or chambers of an individual’s mind. They have claimed the territory as their own house. First they will clear the chambers of all thoughts of hope, love, positivity, aspirations, ambition and optimism. Then they will bring in thoughts of despair, anguish, unhappiness, discouragement and desperation until the individual loses faith, abandons all hope, becomes despondent and demoralized. 

When this is accomplished the tormenting spirits will badger the individual, convincing them that things will only get worse and never get better. They will try and convince them that there is only one way of escape from all that they are feeling. In order to get these tormenting spirits out of your mind, you must first BIND them in Jesus Name!

Clever Little Book Instructor’s Guide in progress…


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