Clever Little Book Instructor’s Guide coming soon…

24 Sep
  1. In chapter # 3, we saw the Watcher telling the old woman that the men down at the dock weren’t looking at anything, but rather listening to the Song of the Siren. The old woman in turn replied that the Song of the Siren was just a myth. Her response can be compared to what we often experience when we feel that we can hold the same fire in our own bosoms that burns everyone else, and yet not be burned ourselves. Or more plainly put, knowing full well that some situations lead to certain catastrophe, we venture therein just the same. Can you think of any situations that would fit this description while keeping with our theme of love relationships?


Read: Though many scenarios fit the bill, the author would like to discuss one that is more common than not. This is, keeping close company with individuals of the opposite sex whom we feel particularly attracted too, when we are already in a committed relationship with someone else. And also when we are single and trying to abstain from sexual relations. This is always taboo. Can anyone here attest to the fact that this is never a good idea? Anyone willing to expound a bit? (give them time)


The author would like to drive the point home by sharing a personal experience she had a few months back in this area. This is what she says:


Some months back I started taking my health a lot more seriously, starting with my diet and my weight. I decided that along with changing my eating habits, I should join a gym close to my home. When I first purchased my gym membership, I was hit and miss with the effort. I wasn’t quite disciplined enough to stick with my own exercise schedule, so I asked the gym management for the assistance of a personal trainer. My thinking was that, I could probably commit to a work-out routine more easily if I had someone to be accountable to and who would push me beyond my comfort zone. That is exactly what I got. I had no idea what I had asked for. As the manager added the personal training services to my account, he called out for someone I’ll call “Mr X,” to protect his identity.


Soon “Mr X,” emerged from a back room. As he approached the desk where I was standing with the manager, I thought to myself, “This can’t be the trainer. The devil is a liar! He’s trying to set me up again!” Having been single for quite some time at this point and determined to remain celibate, I made it a point to go to work, church, grocery shopping and back home, keeping my eyes to the ground in so doing. I even had a joke where I’d say, “I haven’t had sex in so long that, I don’t even open my door for the UPS man. I can’t be trusted. I don’t open the door to get my packages until I hear his truck pull off.” A bit distasteful I’ll agree, but it was funny to me at the time. “Mr X,” was a carbon copy of the men in my life I had fornicated with. They were always around the same build and stature. Tall, same height and weight. Very athletic, handsome and charming. And also very well spoken, with beautiful brown eyes and an amazing smile. “Mr X,” of course had all of these traits and even a bit more it seemed. The only thing that I didn’t like was that his upper body was covered in tattoos which I don’t particularly like…or do I? The manager introduced me as his new client. I nodded trying to seem uninterested. “Mr X’s,” first words to me were, “What part of your body do you want me to work on first?” And I said, “You’re the trainer aren’t you? What do you suggest?” “Mr X,” laughed giving me the once over. He then walked me into the gym, showing me the different pieces of equipment and what parts of my body they were for. Each time he showed me a piece of equipment, he touched the part of my body that the equipment was for. I’ll be honest and say that, I wasn’t upset that this stranger kept touching me. I mean that’s a part of his job…right?….


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