SUCH is the Love of a Father…

21 Sep

True Story CLBF~
My father only hit me ONE time that I remember in my WHOLE life.   We were at a toy store, and he told me if I saw something I wanted, to just let him know and he would get it down for me and I was NOT to touch ANYTHING.   I was walking around the store (back when it was safe for kids to do that) and I saw a doll I wanted.   It was called, “Randy Rider.”  She had a bike that you put batteries in to make her ride it.  Instead of me finding my dad to get it down for me, I started climbing up the shelf and a BUNCH of toys came crashing to the ground!  I will NEVER forget that!    I guess in my little mind I was thinking, “Dang, I have messed up!”   My father who was close by, heard the noise and knew it was me.  He came over to where I was and whacked me on the butt and I screamed and yelled like I was dying.   He really hadn’t hurt me though, and he STILL bought me the doll.  Such is the love of a FATHER.   GOD is even BETTER than that.   Although, I HAD to get a whack for my disobedience, I STILL got the gift.   Jesus, took the whack for the sins of the WHOLE world, so that we could STILL get the gift of eternal life with God, though we don’t deserve it.   NICE!  Thank You Jesus

 Rest in Peace “Daddy.” 


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