Finishing the year off STRONG! #TeamCleverLittleBook!

21 Sep

It is normally the commonalities we share with others that make us enjoy their company. Highly athletic people are generally attracted to other highly athletic people. The attention of very motivated and driven individuals, normally will not be captivated by a couch potato. Extremely intelligent people are normally most content with a partner of higher or at least equal intellect and so on. That’s not to say that we don’t sometimes settle and tolerate people we are largely opposites of. But normally those who settle are doing it to gain something else that they are willing to pose as your true love, to get from you. And tolerance does not produce harmony in a relationship. It is why so many partners who were seemingly made for each other, will suddenly leave a love relationship after several years, giving the only reason as, “We just grew apart.” And anyway, who wants the love of his or her life, still constantly searching for the love of his or her life? 

Clever Little Book Instructor’s Guide in progress!   Live in the direction of your DREAM…


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