There is POWER in the name of Jesus!

20 Sep

When my Son says, “Mah?!” I say, “Yes Son?! ~ When I had a significant other he would say, “Babe?!” and I would say, “Yes Babe?!” ~ When my mom says, “Laina?!” I say “Mam?!” ~ When my Dad would say, “Pearl?!” I would say, “Yes Daddy?!” ~ When my brothers say “Lou- Lou,” I say, “What?!” ~ When my co-workers say, “Davis?!” I say “Go for Davis!” ~ When Tomika Dixon says “Laine?!” I say, “What’s up Toe Meek?” ~ When Benita Kilpatrick says, “Dawg?!” I say, “What’s up Dawg?!” ~ When Medina Dina SnowWhite Manuel says “Auntie?!” I say, “What’s up Lil Momma?” When Shayla Kilpatrick says, “God Mommy,” I say, “What’s up Shayla Maya Ice Capaya?” ~ When my Pastor Patty James say, “Woman of God?!” I say “Yes Pastor?!” ~ They all call me differently but I still ANSWER, because I know they are calling ME. If I spoke Greek, maybe I would say “Isaias?!” If I spoke Hebrew, maybe I would say “Yashua?!” ~ I speak English, so I say, “Jesus?!” and He says “Yes?!” because he KNOWS I’m calling HIM. God is not so trivial as we sometimes try and make Him… There is POWER in the name of Jesus, to break EVERY chain!


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