Clever Little Workbook Instructor’s Guide! …coming soon

14 Sep

Clever Little Workbook Instructor's Guide! ...coming soon

A Note From The Author

I often wonder why God in his infinite wisdom, would use someone like ME to write a series of books like those that I have. And WITH that, have me to call them CLEVER Little Book. Even before reading one page someone would infer from the title, that I being the author must SURELY possess a wealth of knowledge, or some extensive background of course work, counseling, occupational training and what have you. At LEAST those, to suggest that I am qualified to provide better understanding and clarity on a subject like ‘Love.’ A subject that I had in my own regard, given up on. Something that I had determined was subsequently, not for everyone. Especially not me. Whenever the subject came up I could be heard saying, “I like the idea of love between a man and a woman. The becoming one, of two individuals. The concept of it…but I don’t believe in it. I don’t believe that it’s real. That it’s possible.” More than likely because I like so MANY, dreamed of love between two with the exclusion of human fallacy and typical inclination to err. And these cannot and SHOULD not be separated. Because the perfection of love is only made known in the presence of IMPERFECTION. Just the same, I had even rationalized pretty well to my own satisfaction, the various reasons why I no longer even desired love… but I DID desire it. I still do. And just what IS love, really? A feeling or emotion? Is it more a state of mind? Maybe it’s a concept conjured up in the mind of a mad scientist. Perhaps he seeks to find out just how much pain an individual can endure without actually PHYSICALLY dying. Seems that way at times… does it not? A wise woman once said, “True love asks for NOTHING, but it can cost you EVERYTHING.” I believe she was right. My Pastor Patty James says, “Love ISN’T love until it’s given away.” Her statement could not be more true. So why then, do so many INSIST on dancing the tango of love, knowing full well that as empowering and fulfilling as it can be…it can also be equally and more so catastrophic and devastating? I’m glad you asked. Because even being in NO wise a scholar nor student of any particular or distinguished branch of study, I DO have the answer…and it’s actually quite a CLEVER one. (Excerpt from Clever Little Workbook Instructor’s Guide) coming soon…


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