18 Aug

TRUE story CLBF,  One day I was driving home from work exhausted. And I was saying to myself, “There has GOT to be a better way…” 

Finally I said, ” God, give me something that I can do for you, that I won’t mess up. Because everything I do I mess it up some how. When I see you some day, I want you to say you are pleased about at least ONE thing that I did. Tell me something I can PROSPER from, because I’m TIRED of going to these people’s job! Your word says YOU give us POWER to get WEALTH. Honor Your word now. Allow me to use your POWER to get wealth.” 

Do you know what our AWESOME God said to me? Not audibly, but I just felt His response. It went like this: 

“Elaina, My Word IS my POWER! Use My WORD and you will get wealth.” And I said, “God I hope you’re not calling me to preach. I don’t feel like doing that, and I don’t feel like going to Seminary. You know I HATE school…” 

Then He said, “Use what you ALREADY have. What is it that you do VERY well, that others have ALWAYS called on you to do for THEM?” I said, “Others ALWAYS ask me to WRITE something for them, (term papers, letters, unemployment appeals, wedding vows, poems, radio commercials, and on and on and on, even since I was a child.” And then He said,

“Now write something for ME, for my PEOPLE, use my POWER which is My WORD…and you will get wealth…” Soon after, the Clever Little Book series was born and it is the most REWARDING thing I have ever done and I even see my wealth beginning to build now… Thank You Jesus.


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