Clever Little Book III~The UNDEAD coming SOON!!!!

16 Aug

Clever Little Book III~The UNDEAD coming SOON!!!!

The Clever Little Book experience is heightened as Isabel and her love Kay’faas journey onward…to Egypt! It’s a place they’d both always dreamed of visiting, laden with stunning and breathtaking views, the great pyramids, the sphinx and even the tomb of the boy King Tutankhamen. And what better time then now? Having been refined in the fire of that old furnace and made young again, in Clever Little Book III~ The UNDEAD the two embark on a new life of mystery, magic and adventure together. They are reacquainted with some old friends and even make a few new ones as they press on ever forward to the Valley of the Kings. What starts out as a planned vacation of rest and relaxation, suddenly turns into a world wind of supernatural occurrences, dreams and events. The handwriting on the wall is anything but clear when Kay’faas is presented with an unfathomable dilemma, for which only he can provide a solution. “So if YOU guard the valley, and “I” am the KEY to this door of TRUTH that is KNOWN, WHO is the UNDEAD?…” THAT is the question. Herein lies the answer…


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