“Clever Little Book IV ~ Return of the Siren’s Stones,” in progress…

4 Aug
The Watcher sat waiting for her answer. However, he already knew what it would be. It would be just as with many humans. Some things, they never pass up on. No matter how high the stakes or how great the odds against them, they cave. Unable to resist, even as hard as they try. It’s not solely their faults though. Those nagging spirits of covetousness, lust and greed work tirelessly to guarantee their favorable response to certain stimuli… As with any other job, the powers of darkness also have a quota to meet. And their work usually goes undetected. They capitalize on the fact that humans seldom understand the workings of the spirit realm. And many more don’t even believe in it as day in and day out these little tormentors sit on shoulders, whispering into ears. Their primary assignment is to convince their victims that they’re missing out on or being cheated out of something. Something very…very good. Something they could easily walk away from if need be. Something that only appears to be dangerous for them, but that is actually quite harmless. I mean, everybody else is doing it…right? Also of how much better their lives would be if they’d only… (Excerpt from Clever Little Book IV ~ Return of the Siren’s Stones) in progress! All who haven’t read the first two books are REALLY far behind now. You’re missing out on an AMAZING spiritual journey…

Clever Little Books are AVAILABLE on Amazon.com And at Jesus Book And Gift Stores.


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