Don’t let the cute cover fool ya. These are NO chic books!

12 Jul

Don't let the cute cover fool ya.  These are NO chic books!

Marquis Williams, 32 of Atlanta Georgia said:
“You are always waiting to find out what happens next. Clever Little Books have real, recognizable characters grounded in everyday experiences we can understand and relate to, so we care about what happens to them, which makes the mystery and narrative drive all the more compelling. The Author has imagined the character’s worlds so fully and with such great detail. And for the inspirational fiction genre, she has no rival, in any sense of the word. The way she incorporates the scriptures into these books is amazing. Anyone can enjoy it. Everyone has heard the stories, even if you haven’t read the bible fully. I must admit, as a man I was a little reluctant to purchase at first. I thought they would be, “Chic books.” But while reading the first one, I saw a lot of myself in there. How I felt before I met my fiance’, and how I feel now that we’re together.
Previously for me, reading was a private act, but now I share it with others on the Internet. I’ve been a “Cleverite,” since the onset of the series. I appreciate having the opportunity to connect directly with the Author every Saturday at 5pm on her personal Facebook page. She never fails to log in and converse with us. She takes her fan base very seriously and always responds to us personally. I’ve never known another Author to do that, even with the simplicity the internet provides. Once you spend your money, they just don’t care like that. She’s committed to the readers and makes time for us. I like that. I love these books. I’m anxiously anticipating the 3rd one.” (…smh. The Readers make it all worth the effort! You Guys make my Dream REAL! Thank You! ‪#‎TeamCleverLittleBook‬!)


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