Despise NOT The Day of Small BEGINNINGS!

22 Jun

Despise NOT The Day of Small BEGINNINGS!

Sitting at my desk working on “Clever Little Book IV ~ Return of the Siren’s Stones.” If you’ve read “Clever Little Book II ~ The Furnace of Youth,” then you understand the Stones, and where they’re coming back FROM. I already had the TITLE for the new book, but I didn’t know WHY it was being called that. So at work last night, I got a piece of paper and I said, “Okay God, why are we bringing the Siren’s Stones back?” Before I knew it, He had given me the entire concept for the return of the Stones! If I finish THIS book before October (which I’m sure I will) that will make 4 books in my 1st year! Not too Shabby! Do you guys remember back in October when I started writing the 1st book? This is what my office looked like then… hahahahaha! Despise NOT the day of SMALL Beginnings! Take a Step Toward Your DREAM Every Day! #TeamCleverLittleBook!!


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