You Guys Make My Dream REAL. THANK You For Your Support!!!!!

19 Jun

I APPRECIATE and THANK all of you who have embraced the “Clever Little Book,” Inspirational Fiction Reading Experience. Your comments on my excerpts, and your emails and messages mean SO much to me. When you tell me you loved this or that about the books, it translates to ME as, “Elaina we love YOU. We embrace YOU. We like the way YOU think. The way YOU process information, ideas and concepts, then deliver it in ways that WE enjoy. That encourages, inspires and uplifts US.” That’s BIG! For the greater part of my life, I was surrounded by people who pretended to be in my favor. Plotting against me. Waging verbal assaults on me, and calling it “Just Playing…” It’s so refreshing to be FREE of that now. Free to flourish and to grow into who the ‘Great One,’ designed me to be. (Insider for CLB Readers) What a difference a DISCONNECT makes! I THANK You all for your well wishes and support! Thank You So Much. Elaina #TeamCleverLittleBook!


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