“Clever Little Book III ~ The UnDead,” Complete! and coming SOON…

14 Jun

Note from the Author

Truly, my heart is overwhelmed to bring you this third book of the “Clever Little Book,” series which marks my Trilogy! I thank you wholeheartedly, for how so many of you have embraced my idea of coupling Fantasy, Mystery and Magic with our daily efforts in walking upright before “His Majesty.” These books are birthed from the Spirit Realm, gifts from the Great One and I take NO credit for them. They are for you, and I appreciate all of your reviews, questions and comments that let me know you are enjoying them.

  And now “Great One,”… Do as you will


with what you have so graciously given

to your servant

for the hearts of your people…


Lord Jesus, You are MIGHTY, You are WONDERFUL, You are POWERFUL, You are MAGNIFICENT, You are LOVING, You are GRACIOUS, You are KIND and there is NONE like YOU! I THANK You for what you are doing in my life!”

Clever Little Book, the TRILOGY!”

…it is finished!” 


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