Excerpt from “Clever Little Book III ~ The Undead!) coming soon…

13 Jun

“I bet heaven is an extraordinary place,” Kay’faas said. “I wonder what it looks like.” And then Old Man Midas went on to tell them how his dear Elaine describes this place…heaven… “Elaine says she feels right at home, as the city is made of pure gold, like unto clear glass. And she says the foundations of the city walls are garnished with all manner of precious stones. She also told me that when you die as we call the transition, first you hover over your body, until you figure out what’s happening. Then you visit your different loved ones, trying to communicate to them that you’re alright and that they shouldn’t cry. Elaine says, that part is really hard, because even though those in Heaven understand that the separation is only temporary, those on the earth do not. She says it’s frustrating to watch us all crying, when they’re right in the room with us many times.” Kay’faas and Isabel were so intrigued by what he said. He went on explaining to them about Heaven. . “Elaine says, first you walk through a tunnel until you see a bright light. Then the light will begin to draw you on a little further down the tunnel. Next some of your loved ones will meet you, take you by the hand and walk with you until you come upon 12 gates. The 12 gates lead into the city. These gates are made of pearls. That’s where you get your new body, your white robe and your crown of life…at the first gate. And do you want to know the most interesting thing she’s told me about this place heaven so far?” Old Man Midas asked Isabel and Kay’faas. “Go on!” they urged him. “Tell us the rest of it!” They were both like children so intrigued by him. “Well,” he said….(Excerpt from Clever Little Book III~The Undead,” coming SOON!

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