“Clever LIttle Book III ~ The UnDead,” coming SOON…

28 May

Then she turned to him and said, “I don’t NEED your love, I DESIRE it.   And I’ve found DESIRE to be MUCH stronger than NEED…In life there are MANY things we NEED to do that NEVER get done…I NEED to walk away from you and end this charade…but I so DESIRE you, that I stay.   I will ALWAYS stay…and one by one I’ll pull down every brick from this wall between us…until I touch my dream…If I can TOUCH it,   I can GRAB it!   If I can GRAB it,  I can PULL it to me…” (Excerpt from Clever Little Book III ~ The Undead) coming soon…

“Clever Little Book,” AND “Clever Little Book II ~ The Furnace of Youth” are AVAILABLE on Amazon.com in paperback and for the Kindle!  LIKE us on FaceBook!  Follow us on Twitter @ClvrLittleBook  ….


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