Nugget From The Author Of Clever Little Book!!!

19 Apr

For YEEEEAAARSS I struggled with my weight, and my hair and my skin. They just seemed not to wanna do right! I’ve taken all kinds of diet pills, hair skin and nail pills. You name it, I’ve tried it. FINALLY, I went to the Father and said, “God why is my body acting crazy? Why am I overweight and why is my hair thinning like this?!” Do you know what His answer to ME was? (I said ME, because YOU can take it or leave it as you see fit)….(Not audibly, He just impressed it upon my mind.) “There was a time when the flesh suit needed to last much longer. So I prescribed a specific diet for mankind for THAT purpose. That is no longer necessary as you will have a resurrected body one day. But in order for your flesh suit to function OPTIMALLY on the earth, go BACK to the Garden and SEE what diet I prescribed for it.” I went BACK to the Garden and found these words at Genesis 1:29 “And GOD said, BEHOLD (meaning LOOK, PAY ATTENTION!) I have given you every herb bearing SEED, which is upon the face of all the earth, and every tree, in the which is the fruit of a tree yielding SEED; to you IT shall be for MEAT.” hmmmmmm. So what I took from that is 1. VEGETATION is mine for meat, and 2. God wants me to eat things that have a SEED inside (NOT seedless, which is hybrid and as such ACIDIC in the body!) God in his infinite wisdom, knew that man would begin to tamper with his creation and start making SEEDLESS this and SEEDLESS that. If it were okay with Him, he wouldn’t have specified that things have a SEED inside.And Yes I know, at Genesis 9:3 he then gives permission to eat animals, but this is AFTER the fall. The flesh suit is no longer needed to last an eternity so he allows man to introduce some DEATH into it. DEEP! And even those who only eat poultry, and fish are STILL overweight. You wanna know why? Because those things are shot up with GROWTH HORMONES to make them BIGGER, FASTER to meet the demand of market. When you consume them, you ALSO consume GROWTH HORMONES (which makes you…GROW?)…. All I can say is since I’ve taken the flesh OUT of my diet, committed to ONLY eating fruit WITH seeds in them my weight has stabilized, by skin is looking MUCH better and my hair is growing back in FURIOUSLY…I also take WHOLE FOOD supplements from the “Mega Food,” line. I take their “Blood Builder” “Once Daily,” and their “B Balanced Complex.” I will start the gym when I can, but it wasn’t a factor in regulating my weight finally. Just my 2 cents. Hope it helps someone…It helped me.


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