Back By Popular Demand! Clever Little Book II ~ The Furnace Of Youth is AVAILABLE!!! Look for it where books are sold online…

26 Jan

“Isabel,” is at it again, but this time she’s NOT alone.  “Clever Little Book II ~ The Furnace of Youth,” is the Sophomore novel in the AMAZING “Clever Little Book,” series! This magical journey embarked upon in the first book, continues for the main character Isabel, now accompanied by her Knight In Shining Armor “Raul.” Filled with even MORE Encouragement and Inspiration, and with all the trappings of a classic love story “Clever Little Book II ~ The Furnace of Youth” is a Winner!!! In the first book the pair had finally found the love they’d always dreamed of. But Isabel and Raul knew it wouldn’t last long as they were both nearly 90 years old. So desperately desiring to spend a lifetime with the girl of his dreams, Raul has an idea. The two of them set out on a quest to find, “The Furnace of Youth!” If successful, they can turn back the hands of time and make themselves young again… While sailing aboard the S.S. T.I.L.I.A, Isabel and Raul make the acquaintance of some extraordinary characters who can only be categorized as Supernatural! The two are engulfed in all of the fantasy, mystery and intrigue of a Harry Potter adventure, and their lives are changed forever. So will be the fate of the reader of this magnificent story!



“Unfortunately Son, When you’ve seen ONE sunset you’ve seen them ALL.  Each one AS Beautiful as the last but NONE more Beautiful than the FIRST.  And so it is with MANY of life’s experiences,” she said.


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